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The Hosts

Scott Zumwalt

By day Scott is the lead developer for a dental software company, by night he toils to create Genesys game aids like character sheets and GM screens. His best contributions of Genesys content have been his modern horror setting Something Strange and Android adventure Brain Drain.

Rob Alexander

Hatched from the thick ice of the frozen north more than 30 years ago, Rob hails from the land of maple syrup, Beaver Tails and trees. With half his life mixed up with various RPGs, he put on the GM hat more recently since the arrival of Genesys.

Guillaume Tardif

Guillaume hails from the exotic French Canadian land of Quebec. Since most English speakers can’t pronounce his name correctly, he goes mostly by William, Will or Bill. Gamer since his childhood, he’s been GM more times that he can count, and a player less time that he would have wished. Despite his broken accent, he’s engaged in the community and his main focus is the Inquisiton setting.

Anastasia Steele

An international jetsetter, digital artist, and real life cartoon villain, Anastasia came into being somewhere in Russia, successfully infiltrated Southern California, and is now living undercover in South Korea. Her hobbies include crochet, being in strange time zones, and searching for the nine forbidden curry recipes, which can doom the world…or save it.

Matt Mensch

Matt was cooked low and slow in the Colorado heat, until a mysterious cosmic synchronicity placed him in a rural part of the Pacific Northwest, where he communes with nature and harnesses cloud architecture in the birthplace of clouds. He has been observed cutting weeds with a machete the size of a baby’s arm.

Zach Gaskins

“Big Head” Zach Gaskins has been a gaming fixture on the island city-state of Atlanta for over 20 years. As senior director of tabletop gaming for MomoCon, Zach may in fact be just a sophisticated AI that has been taught how to drink coffee and leave dirty clothes around his house, so his partner claims. When he’s not preaching the good word of Genesys, he can be found nervously working out his ginormous board game addiction.

A member of the D20 Radio Network